Huatulco has a charming town center, abundant national forests and is the most stunning and tranquil spot on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. Situated at the intersection of the Sierra Madre Mountains and the clear blue water of the Pacific Ocean, Huatulco is made up of 9 beautiful bays, 36 pristine beaches and remains one of Mexico’s best kept secrets.


With 16 different ethnic groups in Oaxaca overall, the cheerfulness of Huatulco can be felt in its colorful streets full of art, music, textiles, and original handicrafts. The area is notorious for intricately woven rugs, tapestries, and bags that have all been carefully handcrafted, giving guests a guaranteed selection of unique items to bring back home.


Huatulco was developed by FONATUR with a deep desire to protect its surrounding environment. Some efforts to ensure its sustainable future include: reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, reducing waste, improving energy efficiency and management of natural resources. In 2010 Huatulco received EarthCheck Platinum Certification; it is the only destination in the Americas to achieve this distinction.


Surrounded by the Sierra Madre Sur, Huatulco hides within a vast and vibrant deciduous jungle that offers endless opportunities for adventure. One of Huatulco’s most notable features is the incredible wildlife found throughout the region; home to more than 900 species of reptiles, birds, mammals, and amphibians.


Enjoy the natural beauty of the Bahias de Huatulco, a series of nine bays stretching sixteen miles along Huatulco’s coastline. It boasts 36 beautiful beaches, the most central bay being Bahia de Santa Cruz. Excursions such as surfing, snorkeling, horseback riding, fishing, and sunset cruises are some of the activities these exceptional beaches have to offer.


Oaxacan cuisine has been rightfully selected as number one in Mexico during 2018. An exquisite mixture of seafood platters with the most traditional ingredients being mole, fried grasshoppers and mezcal. Tradition, color, and culture are all passionately integrated, leaving you with a truly authentic experience.


Huatulco breathes a perfect tropical climate: Sunshine can be expected about 330 days of the year with the average temperature being 28 °C (82.4 °F). The dry season (prime tourist season) extends from December to May and the rainy season (prime surfing season) is from June to November.


The elegant shores of Huatulco provide visitors with pristine waves for surf lovers. Located directly in front of the villa is one of Huatulco’s only surfing beaches offering a year-round consistent beach break for all levels of surfing. For the surfing enthusiast, within a two hour drive up or down the coast will reward you with many world-class surf spots.


Privileged by its natural richness, Huatulco has coral reefs waiting to be explored. 17 fringing reefs with depths ranging from 6 to 45 feet occur along the bays. Beaches located in Tangolunda Bay give visitors 600 feet of coastline to directly access the reefs offshore, creating a great destination for snorkeling and swimming.